Whether you are visiting the Website to obtain access to resources and information or contacting us for additional information, we are committed to respecting your privacy.

This Privacy Policy was last updated December 19, 2012.

Here are the main things you need to know:

  • We only collect and use personal information with consent
  • When we ask for personal information, we explain why we need it and what we will do with it
  • We only collect, use and share personal information for reasonable purposes
  • We do not collect, use or share more personal information than we need to
  • We take reasonable measures to protect the personal information we have
  • You can access your personal information upon request
  • We are committed to being open with you about our privacy practices – if you have a question or concern about our privacy practices that is not answered by reading this page and visiting the links within it, send your privacy question or concern to: Contact us – Privacy Officer

What we use information for:

All personal information we receive through the operation of this Website is used to operate and administer this Website, respond to inquiries and information sent to us, and ensure users can use the Website. We may also group information we receive into categories to generate statistics and perform research. We do this to identify trends and to help us figure out what other information or features should be included on or through this Website.

Who we share information with:

We take your privacy seriously and we do not share your information with others, except in very limited circumstances. The objective of this Website and our organization is to protect youth from harm, so if you tell us something that gives us reason to suspect that someone under the age of 18 may be at risk of harm or in need of protection, or where someone over 18 may be at risk of self-harm, we may share that information for the purpose of protecting or helping the person at risk of harm or in need of protection. In those cases, the information we have may be shared with police, child welfare agencies or others we have good reason to believe can help. But we will not share more information than we need to, and we will not share information unless we reasonably believe such sharing is necessary to protect or help the person at risk or in need of protection.

We will also collect, use and share personal information if we have reason to suspect unlawful activity, where a user is abusing the features of this Website, or where a user’s activity is jeopardizing the availability of the Website.