Privacy Policy

How We Protect Personal Information

We have security safeguards in place designed to protect personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, use or modification. Such safeguarding measures include, but are not limited to, alarm systems, locked cabinets, computer passwords, firewalls and encryption. Also, only those employees who require personal information for business reasons are granted access to personal information.

All transmitted information is protected using measures that are reasonable given the sensitivity of the information. However, Website users should be aware that the Internet is a public network, and as such cannot be considered 100% secure.

Who We Share Personal Information With

We do not sell the personal information we receive, and we do not share personal information with third parties except in limited circumstances as explained in this policy. For example, information may be shared with law enforcement and/or child welfare agencies for any applicable investigation or follow-up where there is reason to suspect:

  • that someone under the age of 18 is or may be at risk of harm or in need of protection
  • that someone over 18 may be at risk of self-harm
  • unlawful activity; or
  • that our Website is being or has been compromised or misused.

We may also share information with emergency services in emergency situations, and we may share information as required or permitted by an applicable law or court order.

Where something that you have submitted to us gives us reason to suspect that someone under the age of 18 may be at risk of harm or otherwise in need of protection, or that someone over 18 may be at risk of self-harm we may report that information to law enforcement and/or child welfare or others that we believe can help. In such cases, any contact information that may have been included in the submission, together with any other information collected during the use of the Website or the features of the Website that can be associated with the user, may be shared as appropriate.

Personal information would not be shared with third parties beyond police and child welfare except where it is reasonably believed, based on the information we have, that such action is needed to protect a person under the age of 18, or to protect an adult from self-harm.

Finally, for security purposes and to ensure this service remains available to all users, personal information may be shared with the appropriate law enforcement agency(ies): where we detect an attempt to compromise the security or availability of this Website; where usage patterns indicate that the Website may be being abused by a user; and whenever we have reasonable grounds to believe that a user has intentionally supplied false or misleading information.

Most research and other activities are performed internally by staff. If an external expert is used, reasonable contractual, technical and other safeguards are put into place before any information is shared, and the information that is shared is limited to that which is reasonably necessary to accomplish the objective.