Messages from Hate to Hope

Classroom Activity

Required Materials
  • Whiteboard or chart paper
  • Internet access to share videos with students
  • Student cell phones to share messages of hope
  • Optional: NeedHelpNow.ca posters
Activate Prior Knowledge:

Together as a class, watch the three videos available at needhelpnow.ca/app/en/changethestory (Don’t let others write your story, Manifesto, Call to Action). Invite students to share what they think Rehtaeh’s mom wants youth to do. Confirm for students that Leah is asking youth to reach across Canada with messages of hope. Leah believes it is up to youth to change messages of hate to messages of hope.

Some examples to share with the class include:

  • You have the power to #ChangeTheStory with www.needhelpnow.ca
  • www.needhelpnow.ca – believing in your strength can #ChangeTheStory
  • Visit www.needhelpnow.ca & learn how to help a friend. Showing you care can #ChangeTheStory
  • You are not alone. Seeking help can #ChangeTheStory www.needhelpnow.ca
  • A mistake does not define who you are – #ChangeTheStory with www.needhelpnow.ca
Group Brainstorm

Have students brainstorm ideas of positive messages that will help youth #ChangeTheStory. Record the messages on chart paper or a white board.

Connect and Create – Share messages of hope

Remind students that it is up to youth to #ChangeTheStory – their messages will change hate to hope.

Ask students to use information from the class brainstorm or from their own original ideas to get creative and connected. Have students craft and post positive messages on social media using Facebook®, Twitter® and Instagram®. Messages can include selfies, drawings, emoticons, and/or pictures of the posters supplied to your school.

Encourage students to include the following, to ensure their messages become part of the national discussion:

  • www.needhelpnow.ca
  • #ChangeTheStory

Note: The activity can be completed individually or in groups.